One of London’s leading design agencies asked Beau ‘What is Creativity?”. This is his answer.

Wired 2013

In 2013 Beau gave an invited presentation are Wired’s annual meeting. The focus was on the relationship between technology and innovation.

5x15 London 2013

This is a exclusive event in London where people gather to discuss what it is to be human. Here Beau talks about the role of perception.

Beau Lotto at TED, 2012

In this talk, Beau Lotto, accompanied by 12-year-old Amy O’Toole, presents the idea that science is a way of being and asks the question ‘can anyone become a scientist?’.

Beau Lotto at TED, 2009

Entitled ‘Optical illusions show how we see’, Beau Lotto’s TED talk is a fun, first-hand look at how evolution tints our perception of what’s really out there.

G8 2013

When the G8 came to London in 2013, No. 10 asked Beau to present at their meeting on Innovation. The question was … what will be the next greatest innovation? The suggestion given was that it wasn’t going to be a technology … but something else far more fundamental.

Google Zeitgeist 2013

Isabel Behncke and Beau Lotto gave a joint presentation on what is required to be creative.

Beau Lotto, RSA 2009

In ‘Seeing myself see’, Beau Lotto explains how context is essential to how we see, and includes a practical demonstration as to why the sky is blue.