“We love working with Beau, he is a warm and charming man with the brain the size of a planet.  Everyone should hear him speak, his message is mind opening and his style of delivery is hugely engaging.” – Maria Franzoni, MFL Global

“What a knockout! The feedback from all the members was fantastic, thank you very much. I have already had some interest from another multinational company who unfortunately were not at the meeting. I shall continue talking to other senior member executives in our membership as I think your material really is fantastic.” – TechUK

“I simply adore these talks. Beau Lotto is one of those who studies a specific subject, such as our adaptation to illusions, primarily optical, that can be applied for any subject of human studies. For instance, it matters not what tools – wealth, knowledge, physical features, etc. – we are granted in life, but rather how we choose to use them. Apply this to scenarious and you’ll understand.” – TED

“I worked with Beau Lotto for a film I made for the BBC2 science series ‘Horizon’. Beau was our main contributor and organised an experiment, involving 200 people, which took place at the Science Museum and was the main thread through the film. Beau was great to work with – very creative, highly ambitious and with incredible energy. His communications skills are quite something to behold: when dealing with the volunteers from the public for the experiment, he held them in the palm of his hand and infected them with his enthusiasm. Respected by his peers and looked up to by his students he is someone who people like to listen to and learn from. I’d love the chance to work with him again.” – BBC

“Beau Lotto has been resident in the Science Museum for the past year. He has created a lab and a series of programmes that is like no other; it’s not too far from the truth to describe his time here as like having a Renaissance man in our midst – Beau blends art, science, curiosity, illusion and music to entertain children, adults and scientists alike. The programmes that the studio have put together with the Museum are also truly inspirational and life-enhancing… I believe that our visitors will be strongly influenced and inspired by Beau and the Lab, and our mission must be to get as many people exposed to this opportunity as we can.” – London Science Museum

“Our client saw Dr Beau Lotto on the Horizon programme and they were so impressed that they were interested in having him present at their annual glaucoma meeting. Dr Lotto was very accommodating from start to finish and his enthusiastic nature was refreshing. Dr Lotto’s presentation was interactive, educational and entertaining. Both the client and delegates thoroughly enjoyed the nature of the presentation and it provided a welcome break from the seriousness of the meeting. On a personal note, Dr Lotto was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive to correspondence and a real character on site. I would happily recommend Dr Lotto to anyone interested in having him speak in a public capacity.” – Darwin Healthcare Communications